Proud to be Green

With direct support from Bedford College's CEO and Governors, sustainability is a key focus throughout the college.

Bedford College is very proactive in establishing networks, developing projects, driving initiatives to achieve maximum benefit to the community and contributing to many Further Education sector developments. The College has a reputation for its achievements in sustainability training and a great deal has been achieved in embedding sustainability into many college operations and external partnerships.

Our achievements

The College has made significant advances in recent years with many new sustainability initiatives. Examples include:

  • A target to reduce energy consumption by 35% by 2017 based on 2009 levels.
  • Numerous energy efficiency measures.
  • Regular updates on the College intranet and in Update magazine.
  • Sustainability training/briefings delivered to students, managers, teams and individuals.
  • A sustainability policy has been developed which sets out the College's aims for sustainable development.
  • Learner engagement through representations, competitions, events, projects and courses.
  • Numerous curriculum initiatives.
  • Annual Sustainability Day held during Climate Week, to showcase students’ achievements and celebrate our external partnership work.
  • Converting used vegetable oil into bio-diesel at the Vehicle Technology Centre.
  • Regional initiatives to stimulate the renewable energy industry.
  • Zero-waste recycling on-site.
  • Annual ‘Stationery Amnesty’ to redistribute unused stock.
  • Leading major regional sustainability projects such as developing low carbon skills and low carbon businesses.
  • Playing a proactive role in national developments to embed sustainability into the learning and skills sector.
  • Ongoing projects and initiatives help the college become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

See our latest news for developments.