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Fisheries & Fish Management

Situated in the heart of Bedfordshire’s countryside, our students enjoy learning in an environment surrounded by mature estate lakes, reservoirs and protected woodland – an ideal place to study. With all this within a short walk from our campus, you will find yourself immersed in this excellent natural learning resource.

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Why choose us?

With an ever evolving CEFAS registered fish farm, you will find yourself having access to a real life environment where you can get hands-on experience and gain an industry standard skill set. You will also find our aquatics centre filled with diverse species from around the globe, so whether you are interested in advanced fishkeeping or studying conservation on marine corals – we have it all covered.

The future
The Fisheries and Angling sector contributes a lot of money to the UK and the World Bank predict that Aquaculture production will account for 62% of human consumption in 2030! Our courses can provide you with a gateway into the industry; for example, our onsite tilapia production scheme can give you an insight of this rapid growing market.

Our contacts
Our Fisheries team have a strong rapport with key industry players, giving you the opportunity to go on trips and have an in-depth look at different aspects of this profession. With some of our former students working in organisations such as the Environment Agency and other multinational corporations, where could your work experience take you?

Stepping stone
So where will our course take you? Will you go onto studying degree-level at university? Pursue a career in conservation? Or work towards running your very own fishery? Shuttleworth College can drive you towards your ambition.

Student destinations

In 2018 our Land and Environment students progressed on to universities such as, Durham University, Harper Adams University and Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester.

Source: Bedford College FE Student Destinations 2018

Fisheries careers

» Aquarist

An aquarist is responsible for keeping various species – whether you keep them for retail, conservation or a public aquarium. It is a broad trade.

Salary £15,000 to £19,000+ depending on experience and expertise.

» Fish Farm Manager

A fish farm manager is responsible for the breeding and rearing of fish for the wholesale or retail trade. Farms breed their own fish by hatching eggs from adult stock and then rearing them before selling on to purchasers.

Salary £15,000-£18,000 starting salary. £20,000-£45,000 senior position. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Angling Journalist

The nature of a journalist's work varies considerably depending on the size of the employing organisation and the subject matter covered by the publication. You will be expected to research a subject, write stories and meet deadlines.

Salary £15,000-£35,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Ornamental Fish Breeder

One of the most expensive koi carp sold in the UK is worth £30,000 – the most expensive on the planet is $2.2 million dollars – a lucrative niche if you pursue a business within this area. You would be expected to invest long periods of time with no immediate income.

Salary £16,000-£25,000 dependent on experience and qualifications.

» River & Lakes Fisheries Officer

Fisheries officers are responsible for the conservation and protection of fisheries, whether freshwater or marine. They carry out surveys of aquatic life, investigate fish mortalities and study water quality.

Salary £20,000-£25,000 starting salary. £34,000-£40,000 senior position. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Sales within the Angling, Fisheries and Aquaculture sectors

As a sales rep you will manage accounts, handle sales and work in a team to boost sales; this may include selling angling supplies, machinery and aquatic supplies.

Salary £16,000-£25,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.