English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

If you are an international student visiting England, our ESOL courses will enable you to develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and extend your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.

When you have reached the required level, you can take one or more of the nationally recognised English Speaking Board ESOL Skills for Life examinations.

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Why choose us?

All the skills you will need
All classes follow a syllabus that incorporates conversation, exam preparation, grammar, listening, pronunciation, reading, speaking, vocabulary and writing, equipping you with all the skills you will need to speak the language competently.

Extra support
If you need an internationally recognised English qualification, we can support you to apply for an appropriate exam at your nearest open centre.

Please note: as an international student you will not be eligible for government funding for your ESOL course.

A variety of learning materials
Each class will have a course book as a basis for class work and some will have a practice book as a basis for homework. Additional learning materials will also be used regularly.

A wide range of learning activities
You can expect to engage in classroom activities that include individual work, pair and group work, role-play and whole class work, and you will use computer-assisted language learning programmes, videos and language games. This means you will experience a wide range of learning resources, designed to cater for different learning styles.