Higher education course fees

Find out what it costs to take our courses, and discover information on a range of financial support packages you can apply for...

Additional costs
Depending on your chosen course, there may be costs you have to pay in addition to any course fees, which could include money for books, trips, equipment or specialist clothing required by your course. For more information just check your chosen course online via our course search.

Tuition fees
The price you will pay for each year of your chosen course is listed on the course pages accessed via the course search. For courses longer than one year, the fee you will pay for the second or any subsequent years of the course will rise in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

Advanced Learner Loans
If you are aged 19 or over you may qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan to help you pay the tuition fees for this course. Alternatively, you can pay by instalments to help make the cost of this course more affordable.

Find out more about our Advanced Learner Loans

Avoid upfront fees
No matter whether you’re interested in full-time or part-time higher education study, low-interest loans are now available to pay for the cost of tuition fees, so you can study now and pay later. And for full-time students, you can also apply for help towards living costs.

Funding for your Access course
Aged 19 or over and thinking of taking one of our Access to Higher Education courses? To help make studying more affordable you can apply for a low-interest Advanced Learner Loan to pay for your tuition fee – and if you go on to complete a higher education qualification after your Access course, any remaining loan amount will be written off!

Pay by instalments
Taking out a loan isn’t the only way to pay for your course – we also offer an affordable Direct Debit instalments option to help make higher education study more affordable and spread the cost of tuition fees. Find out more.

International students
If you have not been living in the UK for the last three years, or if you are on a student visa, different fees may apply to you. Contact us on 01234 291000 (+44 1234 291000 from overseas) to find out more.